Massage Services

*No-show appointments may incur a cancelation fee.



Swedish: $40/30min   $70/1hr    $100/1.5hr

Deep Tissue: $45/30min    $80/1hr    $110/1.5hr

Choose between Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage. Swedish massage is used to promote deep relaxation with a variety of flowing techniques and a light-moderate pressure. It is one of the most common types of massage therapy and is a good choice for first timers. For a more therapeutic aproach choose deep tissue for targeting problem areas using a deeper, more direct pressure. Other techniques such as myofacial release, trigger point therapy, and stretching may be incorporated to enhance the effects of the massage. Complimentary hot towels/heating packs and essential oils may be added to each massage upon request.

 Pregnancy massage can also be accommodated, at same rates.


Swedish: $140/1hr     $190/1.5hr

Deep Tissue:  Additional $10/client

Massage for you and a special someone, whether you're a couple, friends, or family members. You will relax together in separate rooms. You'll have your own privacy and solitude, but still be able to receive treatment at the same time. (Depends on availability of massage therapists.)

*Massages will not be in the same room

Photo by BraunS/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by BraunS/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by MarsBars/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by MarsBars/iStock / Getty Images


$90/1hr     $115/1.5hr

For a truly relaxing spa experience choose hot stone massage. Smooth basalt stones are heated and used to encourage deeper relaxation and ease muscle tension. The therapist will use the stones as tools to glide across the client's skin as well as place them directly onto the skin. This allows the heat to sink into the muscle, melting tension away. The therapist will generally use Swedish massage techniques with hot stones.


Office Massage/In-Home:

On site massage offered for businesses/events and in your own home, including table and chair massage. Chair massage is a great way to show appreciation to a group of employees or during a special occasion/event. Best when space or time is limited or client(s) have trouble climbing on and off a table. Table massage may also be offered in-home or at a work setting if space allows. (Additional fees may apply for transportation and set up.)

Call/Text Robin at (541) 270-6266 for more information and prices

Photo by Wavebreakmedia/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Wavebreakmedia/iStock / Getty Images

Hotel Massage:

Pacific Coast Massage is partnered through the following hotels: Hallmark Resort in NewportThe Landing at Newport, and The Inn at Nye Beach. Massage is provided on site either in the guest's room or in a designated Spa Room.                        

Contact the hotel's front desk for reservations.

We use a hypoallergenic massage lotion in all of our treatments, unless otherwise specified. Made with a blend of coconut, apricot, and sesame oils allowing for more manipulation of the muscle and leaving no oily residue on your skin.

*Biotone Advanced Therapy Massage Lotion*